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It's Okay Not To Be Fabulous Every Day

“All we need to triumph is to take the first step.”  

It’s time to step away from a place of self-doubt and self-recrimination and into finding the hope and self-acceptance needed to achieve self-fulfillment and self-love, and maximize your true potential.

About the Book:

In what critics have described as “A memoir of experiences with pithy prose,” Ally Dalsimer tackles the struggles of loss, motivation, and the journey we all take to be the person we want to be.

Weaving a dramatic yet light-hearted narrative punctuated by deeply moving personal stories, sayings, and observations. FABULOUS taps into wide-ranging wisdom from Thomas Edison to Yoda, from Martin Luther King, Jr. to Led Zeppelin, and leads us on a journey to navigate periods of change with an eye to identifying and achieving our personal life goals with purpose and without self-sabotage and without self-recrimination.

FABULOUS  will inspire you with insights for handling adversity and trauma with strength and wisdom, and motivate and energize you to maximize your potential.

FABULOUS leads the reader on a journey to self-discovery and is a great Ready Reference for:

Transformative, inspirational, motivational.

Become the YOU that you were meant to be. Get your copy of It's Okay Not To Be Fabulous Every Day TODAY because NOW is the time to maximize your potential!

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About Ally Dalsimer

Author, Activist, Pacifist | Former Environmental Professional | Former Congressional Candidate

Ally Dalsimer is a published author, award-winning environmental expert, former political candidate, certified facilitator, and an experienced life coach. Her highly acclaimed book “It’s Okay Not to Be Fabulous Every Day!” leads the reader on an inspirational journey from sadness and self-recrimination through discovering hope and self-acceptance to achieving one’s destiny and finding self-love.

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Ally Dalsimer

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