About Ally Dalsimer

Ally Dalsimer is a published author, award-winning environmental expert, former political candidate, experienced life coach, certified facilitator and multi-genre author.

Ally began her professional career as a project assistant at the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and worked her way up to serve as the Defense Department’s Natural Resources Program Manager, where she was responsible for management, oversight, and advocacy for the Department’s 25 million acres of land. 

During her 30-year environmental career, Ally authored or co-authored more than 50 articles, technical reports, proceedings, book chapters, and brochures; co-founded and managed multiple conservation efforts; and,
earned numerous awards. In 2021-2022, Ally ran for Congress to represent her home district. Ally’s first book was published in 2023.

Ally earned a Master’s in Public Policy, Environmental Law and Economics Track from Georgetown University, and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Richmond with degrees in English and Psychology.

Ally is a member of ALLi, SCBWI, TWS, and AAUW. She’s the proud
mom of two amazing kids and a chubby rescue cat named Pooma.

Recent Years

In 2022, after the death of her mother, the campaign end, and becoming an empty-nester, Ally wrote her first book.

It’s Okay Not To Be Fabulous Every Day began as life advice to my kids, but morphed into a vehicle for me to cope with my own loneliness and heartbreak. In sharing my personal story, I hope you will find the inspiration you need to navigate life’s inflection points and achieve your dreams. My goal is to ignite your motivation and inspire your positivity so you can maximize your personal potential.”

In 2021-2022, Ally ran for Congress to represent Virigina’s 11th District.

“My decision to run for public office was driven by a desire to make a positive change in people’s lives, and to help right societal wrongs. Although I did not win, my campaign developed a number of key resources and reference pages (see AllyForCongress.org), and pushed the incumbent to sign on to legislation he had previously declined to support. In that way, the campaign was successful, so I have no regrets.”

Fun Facts & Career Highlights

  • Ally spent the first five years of her life in equatorial Africa.
  • Ally competed in synchronized swimming in college.
  • Ally served on the Obama Whitehouse Climate Task Force
  • Ally won numerous conservation awards, including the Al Gore “Hammer Award” for involving DoD in National Public Lands Day.
  • Ally participated in each of the small groups that established the national and DoD Partners in Flight (PIF), national and DoD Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC), national and DoD International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD), and North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC). 
A Lifetime of Learning


M.P.P., Georgetown University, Public Policy Institute

B.A. English and B.A. Psychology, University of Richmond

Environmental Law and Policy, USDA Graduate School

Natural History and Field Studies, Audubon Naturalist Society

Ally's Books

“Fabulous” was published in time for Mother’s Day 2023.

In 2024, Ally will publish the first in a new series of children’s books. “Jack & Ginger: An Unexpected Friendship” is a heartwarming tale about a mouse and a cat as they embark on a life-changing journey to new lands while becoming the unlikeliest of friends.

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